Free Will (Poem)

Take a microscope to the body

and it dissolves into cells

compiled bundles

of biomolecules

cytoplasm spiraled around a nucleus

the junior version of our mother ship

the brain

Its downloaded program

makes life starved of space

a possibility for flourishment

Though if a single cell

were to step out of place

from the maze of cluttered membranes

it would be cancerous, it would be contagious

throttling its neighbors

in its sick, twisted disease

Aren’t organisms merely larger cells?

Is rebellion nothing more than a cautionary tale?

I know I was made with the right hardware

A strong aptitude to succeed within the rat races

Yet why do my legs refuse to run

when my mind screams a command

passed down from a higher force

I do not fully trust nor believe in?

In the simplicity of a layer of skin

it’s easy to answer that free will does not avail

unless it topples our delicate structure

and erodes the sense of peace and pleasure

from our endeavors

of endeavoring

Searching for a purpose

that sinks beneath the surface

As our world layers

in new oceans of locations

Where cancer cannot merely destroy

or be destroyed

Is the notion of free will

a byproduct

of an intricate environment

where possibilities flow

like rivulets

cascading towards a waterfall

where the beating streams end in silence

where liquids dissolve to dust?

Or do we complicate the biosphere?

TheThe f chain a web of tangled paths

where opposing notions do not merely evaporate

as one triumphs or loses in the black and white

of mutated or regular?

After all, we continue to argue in stale office rooms

and to ourselves in art where there are no


My logic pining on a blinking cursor

for a clear answer

in the multihued dimensions

of monocolored



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