Important Writing Announcements!

I’m using this article as an indulgence of my raw muse, the one unequipped for excelling prose, apt instead for informal, aimless writing. It seems that, no matter how exhausted I am, I cannot stop writing. I have spent my whole day writing, both for personal and academic reasons. Despite this, I am not sick of the keyboard nor the pen, fueled in part by my occasional reading breaks, where I crack open the heavily inspirational memoir of Michelle Obama (you all know the name).

Despite this article being a relaxing treat for my overactive mind, I do want you to get something out of it. As you were cued in by the title, I have several important things I need to go over, several new additions to my author platform. First off, I have been stamping my feet around the idea of hosting a podcast for a while, as seen by my numerous tweets available at the home page of my website. Finally, after completing its imagery and buckling down on my desire to really do this, I have decided to debut my first episode this Sunday.

Another thing I want to do is to consistently post on here. I tend to make content in spurts. Unfortunately, my writing efforts have been consumed by my WIP, a monster of a project continuously condensed and reworked until, at last, I feel open enough to say that it will be a stand-alone novel titled “A Rose in Space”. If you want to learn more about it, I will leave a link to my Camp NaNoWriMo profile page at the end of this article.

While my tunnel vision has allowed me to make great strides within this particular story, it has caused me to neglect all my side projects. A short story idea I had been recently worked on floundered, having transformed into the hook of another stand alone novel.

So, to keep my viewership active on here, I have decided to have a posting schedule for my website. I will mostly post blogs where I discuss my writerly going on’s and tips I have for the author community, though there will be the occasional miscellaneous article. I will post once a week on Wednesday, this being my first blog!

Besides that, I hope to continue posting daily on Twitter, and to start posting daily on Instagram (at least adding something to my story).

What do you think of these new updates? If you have anything to share, including recommendations for future content, please comment below!

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