To the Unrequited (Poem)

Cover Source
Above Photo Source

I don’t want to sit and wait

Empty glass at the party

Like a wallflower yearning for bait

To drag me in with this one chance

The only way to feel romance

I don’t want you to be the one

For the heightened stakes are never fun

Forced to feel undone

Before you realize our ‘love’ and take me on

Tropes of forever are so clique

Another half or I’m lonely

Why do we need to date

Like our entire being is at stake

Life’s not a single hit

U-turns drag you

Not make you ‘persistant’

We are lunar phases

And different shadows call for different faces

Strikeout once so change the base

People have to run to stay

You’re independent,

Do it your way

Friends are walkers

Lovers are sprinters

Life is fleeting

So don’t waste it pining.

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