Two Poems: “Crafting” and “Doll-face”


When the little girl ruined

her grandma’s floral pillow

It was taken apart by the scissors 

Renewed by the sewing machine

and shaped by the stuffing


The stain that was made

by a stray blue marker 

was turned into a sigil 

A mistake made a charm

on the teddy bear’s stomach


“Crafting” photo is titled “Old Teddy Bear” and was photographed by George Hodan

“Doll”, photographed by Junior Libby


The egg had a doll-face

Porcelain and round

Smoothed to perfection

Not a crack all around 


She drew lips 

from strawberries 


Sketched eyes 

where it had been blind


Made hair from yarn

and played with it 

in the park 


Up until fall

The fall

caused by a shove


her brother


Who only saw eggs as eggs

and girls as wrong

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