Sun Floaters (Short Story)

It came as a bloated shadow eclipsing the sun. If the sky were clear that crisp morning, it would have been an obvious intrusion. However, that day, the air was clogged with brown dust, and it took me several moments to become alert to its presence. I regret wasting precious time in ignorance, for I... Continue Reading →

I Love my Scar (Why I Write) Poem

I write for the endearment of a scar laced like a jewel on my hand coiled along the wrinkle of my fourth finger’s   knuckle. My nail curves like the swift tides at the shore facing the naked windows of my home at the home where the room resides where the desk and notebook lay... Continue Reading →

Free Will (Poem)

Take a microscope to the body and it dissolves into cells compiled bundles of biomolecules cytoplasm spiraled around a nucleus the junior version of our mother ship the brain Its downloaded program makes life starved of space a possibility for flourishment Though if a single cell were to step out of place from the maze... Continue Reading →

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